My love of cars began as a child. I grew up helping my father around the garage when he worked as a mechanic.

His passion for cars was passed down to me. I bought my first Mustang as a teenager. This soon sparked an interest in drag racing.

Over the years I have owned and raced several cars. I prefer to do all the work and modification myself. In talking to fellow racers

I found there to be a real demand for quality work at an affordable price. What started out as a hobby of chassis work

on my personal cars and a few friends cars developed into much more, so I decided to make a business out of it.

JamesB's Chassis Services has officially been in business since 2004. Don't let the lack of years in business scare you.

My father once told me I did my first oil change when I was 5 years old. That was 1979. So I have been involved

with cars since I was a child. I originally started out in a two car garage at my home. I recently expanded into a 2400 sq.ft.

shop allowing me to take on bigger jobs. My goal is to provide the best possible prices for welding and chassis services

to anyone from the novice to semipro racer. Please review my services link to see what I offer. If you do not see what you

need don't hesitate to call. Don't forget to check out the customers gallery.









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