Other Roll Bar/Cage Installation

Roll Bar   6/8pt $650                                

Roll cage 10pt  $950                               

*Interior removal/install is extra



Custom Roll Bar/Cages

6/8pt roll bar  (chrome moly)$1450 

10pt roll cage (chrome moly)$2950

Full size trucks add $200


SFI 25.5 cage starting @ $4750

SFI 25.3 cage starting @ $6750

*Interior removal/install is extra




*Mustang Through the floor Subframe Connectors   Installed    $500   79-04       

Mustang 05 and up $550 Installed

F-Body    $550    Installed

*Rear-end Narrowing     $175         Plus cost of new ends if necessary

*TorqueBox welding  (uppers&lowers) $300

*Chrome moly Fab 9 Housings fully braced $2000

*Mustang 79-04 Mini-tubs and frame notching $1200,

05 and up $1350 (price includes all materials)

*F-Body Mini-tubs and frame notching $1350, (price includes all materials)

*Full-tubs and frame notching $1500, (price includes all materials)

*Interior removal/install is extra







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